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Coke can dating

The telecast was received via satellite at Carnarvon, north of Perth, and then beamed to Perth over an ad hoc network specifically constructed to carry the moonwalk live to western Australia.So Una Ronald could have seen the moonwalks live from her home, but not at the time she claimed. If Una had been watching a tape-delayed repeat, it could be consistent with when she said she watched it.We simply dismiss Aulis' allegation of some mysterious hypothetical Australian whistle-blower. And Aulis has to bend and twist Una Ronald's story in order to make it fit their conclusion anyway. If we strip away the selective analysis of Bennett and Percy, we're left with a woman who claims to have seen, live, an unmistakable Coke bottle kicked across the "moon" surface. All this, put together, points to a claim that the "live" broadcast contained that blooper which was hastily edited out of the re-run.Let's see if we can come up with a different interpretation of Una Ronald. But hundreds of millions of people saw the moonwalks live.(And it only took Clavius researchers 48 hours and one request to confirm this.) Are we surprised?The claim that The Western Australian published those letters comes from -- you guessed it -- Una Ronald herself.If we stay true to Una's belief, those hordes of people would have had to see it to. Only, for whatever reason, they didn't recognize it as Una did.

But no evidence of such a discussion can be produced.

But in the Aulis interpretation the bottle wasn't really there on the "set". That, unfortunately, doesn't prove that the underlying picture was fabricated.

If you take a real picture of the real Eiffel Tower and then use Photoshop to insert a flying saucer, the resulting image -- taken as a whole -- would be considered fraudulent.

We first discuss the "Una Ronald" story as described in Dark Moon.

Then we discuss the authors' summer 2003 response to the points we and others have raised.

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